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Welcome To The Tech Help Australia Group

Welcome to the Tech Help Australia Group

The Tech Help Australia Group is a team of websites designed by Australians, to provide you with technical help of some type. These are currently 2 sites in the group and they are listed below. Click the logo of the site to go to that particular site or click the above tab of the site you wish to learn more about.

Andrew Tech Help
KG's Technical Assistance
Unnamed Site

Andrew Tech Help



KG's Technical Assistance

(Under Construction)

Computer Australia

(Under Construction)

Currently Not Available

The Tech Help Australia Group Was Founded And Is Run By Andrew And Alistair.

Andrew Is The Manager Of Andrew Tech Help And Alistair Is The Manager Of Unnamed Site.

What Is Andrew Tech Help?

You need to use Andrew Tech Help if...

  • you want to learn how to use computers without jargon, with clear easy to follow steps
  • you want to learn how to use computers using practical activities
  • you want to discuss your tech problems with other people just like you or ask an expert

A Message from the maker of Andrew Tech Help

Hi, I'm Andrew - the creator of Andrew Tech Help. I'm an Australian year 9 high school student that loves computers and wants to help others with their technical problems. I've loved computers since year 3 when my teacher showed us how to create basic web sites using SiteCentral. The software seems primitive since I've started using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 but back then it was a real experience. Since then I've read computer manuals and many of the For Dummies books and then when I got my first computer in year 5, experimenting with Windows and Linux as well. The only operating system I haven't played with before is the Apple Macintosh.

So please enjoy my website because I've worked very hard to make it as best as I can. If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message through the E-Mail ATH link on the central menu system.

Thank You,

Andrew - The creator and author of Andrew Tech Help!

The History of Andrew Tech Help

The very first website I created was using a program called Namo WebEditor. It was a frames based page and didn't have much on it at all. It was housed on the Tripod Free servers. The 2nd version of Andrew Tech Help was created in Microsoft FrontPage 2002. It looked very much similar to the last version of the site and was good except for some formatting issues. The 2.5 version of the site was just a modified version of the 2nd one that had some new pages and some formatting corrections. The issue was though was that I didn't have time to make many changes because the site was so difficult to manage. So I decided a redesign was necessary. After learning more skills in my Communications Processing class at school on how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 I decided to redesign it. I have used Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 to create this site and have created the sub pages using the new Spry Widgets. The navigation bar is frames based and the menu items were created using Milonic. The search box is powered by FreeFind, the feedback system is powered by MyContactForm and the lessons have been completely redone by myself. I lost the hard to read, red on black font and changed the font back to Arial and this is the result. ATH v3 I call it.

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What Is KG's Technical Assistance? (Under Construction)

KG's Technical Assistance

What Is Unnamed Site? (Under Construction)

Unnamed Site Is The Only Site In The Tech Help Australia Group To Feature Content About The Apple Macintosh. Unnamed Site Also Has Vista Watch With All The Latest And Greatest Information About Windows Vista.

Unnamed Site Is Scheduled For Release In Sometime 2008!